Our Products

Spur Gears

Global Gear produces spur gears for a variety of applications including primary and secondary gear trains, pump drive and compressor applications. These gears range from 25 mm to 300 mm in diameter, with widths up to 150 mm and module parameters up to 8. Operating on parallel shafts with the same diametric pitch and pressure angles, spur gears are a very cost effective gear design for many applications.

Spur Gear Features

  • The most common type of gears, spur gears are the simplest to design and manufacture.  Since the teeth are set-up parallel to their axis, no axial force is produced.  These are used to achieve larger gear ratios for slow and medium speed applications and provide a constant and stable gear ratio. In many cases, spur gears combine to create very large gear reductions.  These are used where sound level is not a major design concern.

Helical Gears

Global Gear produces highly engineered helical gears for a variety of applications and can produce gears with up to a 42º helix angle. Typical helix gear applications require higher torque, high pitch line velocities, and low NVH. These applications include hardened diesel engine gear trains, as well as pinion gears, rings and shafts for transmissions and transfer cases.

The angled features of helical gears operate more smoothly and silently. Contact is gradual and axial thrust is generated. Generally, helical gears last longer, are for high speed applications and can handle more load because the teeth are diagonally positioned and therefore effectively larger.  Tooth loading is distributed among several axes which results in less wear and can produce motion and power among parallel and straight angle axes.

Helical Gear Features

  • Transfer case ring gear with shaped internal helical teeth and external hob positioning features.
  • Helical transmission gear with lubrication slots and internal broached spline.


Global Gear produces machined shafts used in applications that provide the interface of power devices to transmissions, axles, and power takeoff (PTO) components. These typically include shafts with internal or external splines with custom-designed engagement features. Global Gear manufactures these in a variety of machining centers with lengths up to 600 mm.

Our shafts provide transmission of power and speed over varying lengths.  They incorporate assembly flanges, splines, bushing/ bearing/ seal surfaces, and in many instances, have gears assembled on or produced on their diameters. Shafts can be produced from a variety of steel alloy and most are heat treated.

Shafts Features

  • Coupling shaft with external hobbing and internal spline used in agricultural applications.
  • Precision machined transmission shaft having ground helical gear teeth, internal spline coupling, clutch engagement and lubrication features.

Pulleys and Couplings

Global Gear manufactures pulleys from steel and cast iron that typically include bushings or bearings, as well as couplings that are produced from steel materials incorporating rubber bushings for load distribution and absorption. Global Gear is experienced in a variety of surface treatments to meet the specific customer requirements for these products.

Pulleys interface with belts to transmit power to other devices such as compressors and pumps. They decrease inertia from the driving unit and many have bushing or bearings installed in the center bore and are produced from a variety of materials.

Couplings transmit power between shafts and flanges.  They account for mounting errors, absorb vibration through use of bushings and do not transfer any heat. They are a cost effective solution for long expensive shafts and for replacement in the field. 

Pulleys and Couplings Features

  • Typical V belt pulley with bearings assembled for auxiliary component drives.
  • Engine coupling with steel-inserted vibration dampening grommets.

Precision Machining

Global Gear utilizes a variety of precision machining and automation equipment to produce complex designs for applications requiring exacting tolerances measured in microns. These products require close tolerance machining in several axes for intersecting high pressure lubricating ports requiring precise engagement. The specific technologies employed and quality control plans utilized are developed to meet these tolerances.

Precision Machining Features

  • As applications arise, Global Gear incorporates a combination of 5 axis machines, horizontal / vertical machining centers and gun drill equipment to produce a variety of non-gear related components that include accessory shafts, couplings, lifting brackets and ancillary assemblies for engine and agricultural markets.